Local Special

Our Speciality, the class that makes us, well, US!  We start off with a heart-pumping warm up, move into a light weight section, a booty shaking plie track, barre work, and then a glute and ab floor series that will burn in all the best ways. All Local Barre Fitness classes finish with a cool-down stretch to calm and re-energize you for the rest of the day. 

Local Quickie

The Local Special class condensed into a 50 minute class. 

Local Straight Up

Sweat it out at Local, Straight Up. This class is designed to challenge your endurance and strength even further by deconstructing the Local Special Class to include circuit training and elevated cardiovascular components.

Looking to add a little flexibility to your barre bod? Lean & Limber follows a similar class format as the Local Special, with an added focus on core strength and overall flexibility. We will work those long, lean muscles in the way you know and love, and spend more time on core work & stretching. Class finishes with a 15 minute dynamic stretch to limber up those barre bods.

Lean & Limber

Local Light

Do you want to get the same classic Local Barre burn but like your workout a little "watered down"? This class is perfect for you! If you are new to barre, new to working out, or just looking for a slightly lower impact version of the Local Special, try Local Light.

Bottoms Up

A class dedicated to the back side - what could be better? Start with a classic Local Barre Fitness warm up and then move into barre exercises that are focused on toning and sculpting your backside! Bottoms Up!